Winners 2015

Winners 2015

Winners of 2015. Elementary – International (5 – 10)

Name Composition Prize
Yu Tong Kwok Happy In Boots First Degree
Nok Him Chan Life Second Degree
Myrsini Kagarlis The Dance of the Clouds Third Degree
Stephanie Wong The Black Stone Fourth Degree

Elementary – National (5 – 10)

Name Composition Prize
Aadhitya Raam Ashok Kid’s Emotions First Degree
Valentina Jacobson, Amaar Rashid Clash of the Wands Golden key of Vienna Festival Special Prize

Junior – International (11 – 14)

Name Composition Prize
Alisa Zayika Impromptu First Degree
Saiwen Zhao Dancing the Dream Second Degree
Jasmine Lee The Lost Child Third Degree
Kevin Su Sharp Cynicism Third Degree
Lake Bernat Paddy Star Fourth Degree
Jason Hale Sonatina – The Original Fourth Degree

Junior – National (11 – 14)

Name Composition Prize
Sydney Wang Riviere au clair de lune First Degree
Heidi Chu Always Gold Second Degree
Sarim Haider Viento De Levante Third Degree
Michelle Zhu Walk In The Clouds Third Degree
Justin Gu Ritual Dance – Edge of Death Third Degree
Terry Luongo Redemption Fourth Degree
Isabella Dussias Journey of the Swallows Fourth Degree
Charles Tian Legend Fourth Degree
Parth Asawa The Maze Golden Key of Vienna Festival Special Prize

Senior – International (15 – 18)

Name Composition Prize
Jihwan Yoon Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano First Degree
Veljko Nenadic East Wind First Degree
Li Luyuan Leap Motion for Piano Solo Second Degree
Ma Hanrui Along The Silk Road Second Degree
Yuan Peng Hit The Flowers On The Tree Third Degree
Alexander Shing Ho Lau La Seule de Mer Third Degree
Veljko Nenadic Final Miniatures Third Degree
Samantha Lee Over the Rockies Fourth Degree
Ester Wu Meparate Fourth Degree
Mingmei Li A Piece of Solo Music for the Piano Fourth Degree
Amelia Cao Soaring Swallow Honorable Mention
Christiaan Willemse Sonatina In C Sharp Minor Honorable Mention
Jia Qi Wang Grave of the Fireflies Honorable Mention
Lanxi Mu Maleficent Forest Honorable Mention

Senior – National (15 – 18)

Name Composition Prize
Amelia Cao Soaring Swallow First Degree
Elimy Schwitzgebel For Life Second Degree
Katie Hudek The River Third Degree
Amelia Cao On the Tibetan Plateau Honorable Mention

Young Artist – International (19 – 26)

Name Composition Prize
Nicola Monopoli Repugnantia First Degree
Jingchao Wang The Godness of the Luo River First Degree
Vasily Panteleev Elegy of Joy Second Degree
Hyun Sun Shin A Piece for Piano< Clarinet and Gayageum Second Degree
Songfeng Tian Yun Third Degree
Lim Hyeong-sub “Bi-Mok” for Pianoforte Third Degree
Kamila Koezi Invisible Dream Fourth Degree
Wilson Chu Valse-Fantasie Fourth Degree
Abraham van Eeden Intimita Honorable Mention
Xinyao Wang Instantaneous Honorable Mention
Alberto Secondo Gallo Nocturne for the Left Hand Honorable Mention

Young Artist – National (19 – 26)

Name Composition Prize
Xiangyu Zhou Wandering First Degree
Adam Carlsen “Gesamtheit” Rhapsody for the Left Hand Second Degree
David Pfeiffenberger Prelude Third Degree
Kirsten Crom Velvet Sangria Fouth Degree

Professional International

Name Composition Prize
Philippe Mathis Etude First Degree

Professional National

Name Composition Prize
Lubov Alvei Atre Amourex Golden Key of Vienna Festival Special Prize