Vienna Festival

About the 2017 Festival (Op.10)

11845173_1652275798385853_88559085285717912_oEach our traditional summer festival is product of exciting cooperation of many individuals and organizations from both the United States and Austria. We like to recognize them by Opus number. In August 2017 the Golden Key Music Festival of Vienna will celebrate its Opus 10, its first decade in Austria, by series of special events and concerts in the Ehrbar Hall and the Prayner Conservatory, Haus der Musik, Mozarthaus of Vienna, the Mozarteum University of Salzburg, Beethoven Museum of Baden and the Schloss Esterhazy at Eisenstadt. The Festival combines a unique artistic, performing, and educational experience for professional musicians and students with an exciting vacation for music lovers of all ages.

The core of the Festival retains its focus on providing participants with wonderful performance opportunities and an unforgettable experience of Austrian musical culture. Participants will:


  • Spend the week with instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, and their families from virtually all over the world.
  • Perform at the Festival’s gala concert at the world-famous Ehrbar Hall, where Brahms, Bruckner, Mahler, and other famous musicians have performed.
  • Attend Master Classes at the Prayner Conservatory given by notable European music teachers.
  • Have the opportunity to play in a special concert: “Mozart in Context,” featuring the music of Mozart, his teachers, friends, and rivals at Boesendorfer Hall in Mozarthaus.
  • Attend the premiere performances of compositions by the winners of the Golden Key Music Festival Piano Composition Competition.
  • Attend recitals of Festival guest artists at Salzburg Mozarteum, Mozarthaus and Ehrbar Halls in Vienna.
  • Enjoy informative guided bus trips to historic Salzburg, Eisenstadt, and Baden.
  • Take walking tours of historic sites of Vienna, Salzburg, Baden, and Eisenstadt.

In addition to what it offers students, the Festival also provides music teachers an opportunity to play of their own in publicly acclaimed recitals at Ehrbar Hall and Boesendorfer Hall in Vienna.

Finally, the Festival allows music lovers of all ages to join the Tour and attend the concerts as well as all scheduled trips and excursions.

Now in its tenth year, the Festival continues to get outstanding reviews from participants. See our Kudos page for a sample of reactions to this and other Golden Key Music Festival programs.

See How to Apply for further information about the application process, due dates, and Festival Fees.

See the Vienna Tour page for details of the day-to-day activities during the Festival.

Age Categories

The Festival is open to instrumentalists, vocalists, and composers of all ages. Musicians under 14, however, must be accompanied by a parent on the Tour. Participants in the Tour also can be of any age.


Laureate Diplomas, Commemorative Medals, and Certificates of Participation in the Master Classes will be presented at the Award Ceremony in Vienna to those applicants who pass the Audition and perform in the Gala Concert in Vienna. Special diplomas will be given to those who participate in the “Mozart in Context” Concert. The teachers of all participants will receive Certificates of Excellence for their work.