Piano Composition Competition

Winners 2017

At the Golden Key Piano Composition Competition 2017 we adjudicated 68 applicants from Canada, United States, Russia, Mexico, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Italy, Germany, Serbia, Macao, Turkey, Japan, Hong Kong, S. Korea, Great Britain, Thailand, Australia. Here are the First, Second, third and Fourth place winners in National and International categories:

category name Winning place
Elementary National Hong Cheng First
Alexandra Raskin Second
Simon Lane Third
Elementary International Jasmine Lai First
Hong Cheng Second
Chaeyun Yeo Second
Lok Kwan Hugo Wong Second
Tijana Bugarcic Third
Minghe Liu Third
Chantelle Luk Fourth
Laraine Kwok Fourth
Junior National Kayleigh  Hoang First
Reva Sangal Second
Michelle Zhu Second
Jonathan Hartanto Second
Cole T. Griscom Third
Isaac Garcia Third
Marley Pethica Fourth
Symmer Cannon Fourth
Junior International Jonathan Hartanto First
Panita Mamanee Second
Kayleigh  Hoang Second
Henry G. O. Alexander Third
Myrsini Kagarlis Third
Chung Hin Lai Fourth
Senior National William Chen First
Anjali Chandrasekhar Second
Senior International Veljko Nenadic First
Hanley Chan Second
Olivia Li Second
Pujie Zhang Third
Wai Hang NG Third
William Chen Third
Donglai Shi Fourth
Cheryl Hoi Yi Fourth
Young Artists National Jacob Weinstein First
Craig Walstead Second
Alan Yang Third
Young Artist International Ke Fang First
Cengiz Inal Second
Craig Walstead Third
Yuan Yao Third
Pablo Quass Fourth
Zhixuan Hu Fourth
Professional National Elizabeth Capra Second
Elias Durzi Third
Professional International Alberto Gallo First
Artem Anuchin Second
Young Ah Barnes Second
Araki Yasuyuki Third