Piano Composition Competition

Winners 2016

85 applications for the Competition came from all over the world, including Australia, Austria, Serbia, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Italy, Malaysia, China, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, Poland and Hong Kong as well as the United States.

All winners of the 1,2,3,4 places as well as those granted Special Diplomas and Honorable Mention Diplomas are invited to join the 2016 Tour of the Golden Key Festival — Vienna and to perform their compositions on the stage of Ehrbar Hall at the World Young Composers’ Recitals in August 2016. Winners will receive their Diplomas and Medals during an Award Ceremony preceding the Recital.

As a member of the Festival Tour, they will be entitled to participate in all the Festival activities including the Master Classes and additional performances (see the information listed in Vienna Festival pages). Relatives and friends are cordially invited to join the Festival Tour as well.

To register for the Festival Tour, all winners need only mail/transfer the tour fee of $1560.00 per participant to the Golden Key Festival. Each First Degree winner-member of the Festival Tour will receive the scholarship reimbursement in Vienna.

If a winner cannot join the Festival and perform his composition in person, Golden Key will mail the Diploma via First Class Mail to the address provided in the Application Form. If a winner wishes to have the Diploma sent by Certified Mail, FedEx, or some other guaranteed delivery service, please send an additional $45 for Diplomas sent within the US or $75 for Diplomas sent outside the US. Details are available on the Composition Competition page.


Elementary – International

Name Composition Prize
Jasmine Lai Waltz in C Major First Degree
Sze Chun Isaac Wong The Fruit Planet Adventure Second Degree
Myrsini Kagarlis Violeta and Nicolae Second degree
Westtland  Li My Variations Third Degree
Tsz Hei Kaden Yung The Subway Incident Third Degree
Hayden YK Fung B.B. Hero Fourth Degree

Elementary – National

Name Composition Prize
Aadhitya Raam Ashok Inside Taj Mahal First Degree
Shreya Vignesh Once Upon A Time First Degree
Tanu Kumar The Voyage Second Degree
Alexandra Raskin The Morning Bird Third Degree
Simon Lane Behind the Motor Fourth Degree
Valentina Jacobson The Challenger Honorable Mention
Amaar Rashid The Challenger Honorable Mention

Junior – International

 Name  Composition  Prize
 Yiru Zhao  Fantasia on Chinese Drama  First Degree
 Hilary Lau  Night In the Beach  Second Degree
 Madelyn Nielsen  A Winter’s Night  Third Degree
 Nok Him Chan  Impromptu in E Flat Minor  Third Degree
 Harry Hui Chun Wai  E. Revolution  Fourth Degree
 Charles Tian A Map Of the Music World  Fourth Degree
 Xialin Qiu  The Spirit Of Water  Honorable Mention

 Junior – National

Name Composition Prize
Isabella Dussias Rondo Della Notre First Degree
Michelle Zhu The Elephant And the Frog First Degree
Jason Hale Bicycle Adventures Second Degree
Reva Sangal Constellation Third Degree
Isaac Garcia Dark Ages: Cuentos de tiempos midaval Third Degree
Liza Cardinale Icing Fire Fourth Degree
George Klimov Neptun Fourth Degree
Aljali Chandrasekhar Enchanted Garden Honorable Mention
Tiger Ma Dancing With the Dream Honorable Mention

Senior – International

Name Composition Prize
Mingwei He Ravine Stream First Degree
Boyu Zhu The Dialectic and Realization First Degree
Veljko Nenadic Contrast Second Degree
Gavin Jared Bala Nocturne Second Degree
Adam Lukawski Maya Third Degree
LanXi Mu Floating In the Sea Awaiting Moment of Death Third Degree
Zhiyi Li Trail Of Clouds Fourth Degree
Winston Miller All Is Quiet Honorable Mention
Yuchen Bian Broken Glass. Snippety Image Honorable Mention
Rajat Chowdhury Fantasia Romantique Honorable Mention
Yoonjeong Choi Fortune’s Fickle Wheel Honorable Mention
Yuchen Bian Under the Dome Honorable Mention
Kevin Su Warring States Honorable Mention
Olivia Li Washed Ashore Honorable Mention

Senior – National

Name Composition Prize
SiHyun Uhm String Quartet No.1 First Degree
Margaret Bartol Impeccable Conception Second Degree
Phoebe Leong Flying Forest Third Degree
Maria Ali What They Say In Space (Disassociative) Third Degree
Kevin Le Fade Fourth Degree
Heidi Chu Melancholy, Movement 2 Fourth Degree
Katherine Hudek Invictus Honorable Mention
Richard Zhu The Dance of Habanera Honorable Mention


Young Artists – International

Name Composition Prize
Shuyan Liu Listen To the Autumn First Degree
Robert Wallace Conversation With the Devil Second Degree
Chanmee Yang God, My God Third Degree
YiShu Mo Daydreams Fourth Degree
 Airun He  Mirror Palace  Honorable Mention

Young Artists – National

Name Composition Prize
Michael Sheng A Playful Intermezzo First Degree
Robert Wallace Lontano Second Degree
Pedram Diba Shoor Third Degree
David Pfeiffenberger In Reading Chair Fourth Degree

Professional – International

Name Composition Prize
Artem Anuchin The Sounds Of Full Moon First Degree
Matthew Minter Soliloquy Second Degree
Kiendra Chester Kids At Play Third Degree
Shannon Rogers Humane Fourth Degree