Piano Composition Competition

About the Competition – 2021


The intent of the Golden Key Piano Composition Competition is to encourage creativity and self-expression in new and upcoming composers and to provide an opportunity for winning compositions to reach an international audience at the World Composers’ Recital held as part of the Golden Key Music Festival of Vienna.

The Competition has National and International Divisions. The National Division is only open to composers who are currently residents of the United States. The International Division is open to composers from anywhere in the world. Residents of the US can apply for National, International, or both.

See our How To Apply page for details.

Age Requirements

The Competition is open to composers in five age categories:

  • Elementary (age 5 – 10)
  • Junior (age 11 – 14)
  • Senior (age 15 – 18)
  • Young Artist (age 19 – 26)
  • Professional (27 and older)

Deadline for submission: December 1, 2020.

Winners and Recitals

Winners will be announced on this web site no later than January 7, 2021.

Winners in each category will receive Diplomas in either First Degree, Second Degree, Third Degree, Fourth Degree, or Honorable Mention.

Note: for composers living in the USA only. In case of submission to two categories, only one winning place could be received, ether National or International. The judges of the Golden Key Piano Composition Competition will consider, based upon the merits of the composition, what category the submitted material will be applied to.

Selected winning compositions will be included in the program of the World Composers’ Recitals in Vienna (Austria), part of the Golden Key Music Festival of Vienna . Note: only one piano would be available on the concert stage in Vienna. The winners of the Piano Composition Competition and their families are invited to attend the Vienna Festival. For more information about registering for the Vienna Festival, see our Vienna: How To Apply page and our Vienna: Tour page for the tour itinerary.

The top winner in each of the five age categories in the two Divisions (National and International) is eligible to receive a $500.00 scholarship towards his or her participation in the Golden Key Music Festival of Vienna (registration for the seven-days tour required). In the case of a tie, the scholarship amount will be divided between winners equally.

We will be glad to promote works of our winners on the Composition Competition face-book. Please, email video recorded performances to natasha.goldenkeyfest@gmail.com

Each winner’s teacher will be awarded a Certificate of Excellence if teacher’s name is mentioned in the Application Form.

Special offer: Lessons in Composition.

Have any of your compositions evaluated any time. Our judges will provide you with genuinely insightful critique about your composition as well as suggestions on how to improve it. You will receive a detailed report which would include analyses of form, rhythm, character development, effectiveness of the work as a whole, and comments on its overall aesthetic appeal. The judges will also answer all your inquiries about their critiques.

The lesson’s fee schedule:

For a composition under 5 minutes in performing time – $234.00

For a composition between 5 and 10 minutes in performing time – $312.00

For a composition between 10 and 15 minutes in performing time – $390.00

We are accepting the fee via PayPal (our ID: goldenkeyfest@mail.com)

Whether you preparing your composition for a competition or for a stage performance – a fresh look, a second opinion by our judges could be just what you may need in order to make the necessary correction, the final touch adjustments for the best results.


“…Mr. Komanetsky’s comments are extremely knowledgeable, constructive,
and insightful. They are illustrated with incisive examples. Thank you
so much!  The feedback is lucid and enlightening at all levels, from
broad perspective about the work down to guidance about details.  With
regard to my composition “Millie’s Math House Variations for String
Orchestra,” they have already very greatly improved the work.”

David Hirshleifer

Distinguished Professor 
Merage Chair in Business Growth
Fellow and Past President, American Finance Association
Paul Merage School of Business                                                                                

If you are interesting, contact our office: goldenkeyfest@gmail.com

Note: Compositions previously submitted or intended to be submitted for upcoming Golden Key Piano Composition Competition are not eligible for Lessons in Composition.