Debut International Piano Competition

2017 Winners

Happy and lucky New Year to all! The fourth edition  of the Debut International Piano Competition 2017 passed its the most important point. Musicians from USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada, Croatia, Japan, S. Korea, China, Australia, and United Kingdom were adjudicated in three age categories by International Jury: Prof. Stephan Möller (Austria/Germany), Dr. Ta Quang Dong  (Vietnam), prof. Nicola Vukcovic (Monte Negro) and George Borisov (USA/Russia). Here are the winners. Congratulations!

category name place concert date/time
junior Perren-Luk Thiessen First June 3, 15:30
junior Brian Wang Second June 3, 11:30
junior Aimee Chang Third June 3, 11:30
senior Mia Pecnik First May 7, 15:30
professional Yinxiang Chen First May 7, 20:00
professional Qi Huan Second May 7, 11:30
professional David Geng Third May 26, 19:30
professional Timothy Chiang Honor
professional Shuo Pan Honor
professional Aida Akhmetova Honor