Alberti Piano Competition

Competition History

The First Alberti Piano Competition took place in New York’s Carnegie Hall in 2007. The event attracted seventy eight young virtuosi from Malaysia, the People’s Republic of China, Austria, Russia, and the United States. Twenty five of them became Laureates and Diplomantes in different age categories.

The Second Alberti Piano Competition was held in Krasnodar City (Russia) in 2009. The competition was a collaboration of Russian and American institutions, including the South-Russia Cultural Society, the Humanitarian Center and Conservatory of Krasnodar State University of Culture and Arts, the Krasnodar State Music College (named after N.A.Rymsky-Korsakov), and the American Concert Alliance, Inc. Ninety two young musicians competed; twenty one were awarded prizes or medals.

The Third Alberti Piano Competition was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, July 30 – August 5, 2012, sponsored by Elly Lim Conservatory of Music (Indonesia) and the Golden Key Music Festival (USA).